The Parts That Builds up an Exhaust System

20 Dec

Cars need to have a way of eliminating its excess gases or waste as not being able to do so can result to back pressure. Whether you believe it or not, most cars that are straight from the factory do not have free flow exhaust system instead, it uses small diameter piping which is bigger than what the car needs. To create better airflow of the exhaust manifold, the bends don't follow a mandrel manner bent.

As for naturally aspirated vehicles available today, it is best that you work first on its induction and exhaust prior to anything else. In the next paragraphs, you're going to discover the different parts of an exhaust system.

Manifold/exhaust headers/branches - these take the gases from the engine's cylinder and then, combine them to 1 pipe that's interconnected to another pipe underneath the car. Best branches in the market are using mandrel bends and some even are coated in ceramics for improved heat reduction. There are several flow test performed on it as well to guarantee that the air is exerted in the best manner possible.


Head pipe - the main function of a head pipe is connecting the branches to catalyctic converter and then to mufflers. It is normally has straight path without much bending.

Catalyctic converter - this converts the dangerous chemicals like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons as well as nitrogen into oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor and CO2. Digging deeper to what a catalyctic converter is, you'll see that it compose of beads/honeycomb coated in palladium and platinum. In return, this is making chemical reaction that converts the bad gases to good ones.

Muffler - mufflers have one and one function only, and it's to lower the loud sound made by the vehicle. It is able to do this by getting sound waves to bounce against each and therefore, cancelling them. A lot of cars actually have a second muffler or at times, even two parallel mufflers. The final muffler in most cases has a couple of exhaust tailpipes connected to it. Mufflers with chromed tips don't have much use because it is oftentimes just there for aesthetics. Know more about  trailer repair shop Lincoln Park!

Tailpipe - this basically consist of a piping from the muffler to the way back. Aftermarket tailpipes that you'll find in automotive shops have a very attractive chromed tip. Most bends are located here as the piping has to curve up and over the vehicle's rear axle. The truth is, there are some other suppliers that are putting lights on the tips of their exhaust systems Lincoln Park.

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